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AirBase Systems

Kopenhagener Str 7
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Company Profile:
AirBase Systems is an Israeli start-up that developed a low cost, easy to use air quality sensors unit. The monitoring unit can be used indoors and outdoors.

Our system is currently equipped to measure levels of Ozone, NO2, Total VOC, TSP - Total Suspended Particles, Noise, Relative Humidity and Temperatures. Other stressors can be added to the unit, such as Odor, Light, SO2 and more. The highly compact sensors are stored in a "home router" like box that is simply powered-in and hooked to the internet (Wi-Fi or GSM) - just plug & play. Immediately after it is connected, the sensors are operative, sending a pulse of information every 20 second. Any deviation from the allowed (or inputted) exposure standard will generate an immediate alert.

In the spatial application, the sensors are connected via the Internet onto a city-wide or country-wide network. This network continuously gauges air contaminants information. With this deployed network, Airbase will aggregate data, analyze it and deliver alerts through a friendly user interface in a variety of channels and forms, including the internet (open GIS), mobile devices and apps. The operating cost varies according to the size of the network. A perfect solution to cover air monitoring in the Smart City platforms.

Air quality monitoring

Description of the Offered or Requested technology, innovative product or know-how/Expertise or partner sought...:
AirBase Systems is an Israeli start-up in Berlin/Germany that developed a low cost, easy to use air quality sensors unit. The monitoring unit can be used indoors and outdoors. Airbase's revolutionary patent pending technology will enable its users to become far more aware of the quality of the air they inhale and will equip its users with the practical tools to protect their health.
Unique solution - Of all current sensor solutions, AirBase is the only company that offers comprehensive answers to the most crucial mobile challenges offering: precise information; full coverage – outdoors and indoors; personal guidelines and feedbacks; centralization and simple - highly accessible sensors per unit price.

Profile of target partner:
we are looking for global partners that would like to joing our marketing network and also cities that would like to be pioneers in deploying sensors netwroks. any other idea is warmly welcomed.

  • Air Pollution / treatment
  • Noise
  • Measurement and Detection of Pollution

Type of co-operation interested in:
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  • [search] Research cooperation for funded EU Program
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Mr Liad Ortar

Co-Founder, VP Marketing

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