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Harvest group società cooperativa a.r.l.

Piazza del Popolo 23
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Company Profile:
Harvest Group is a research centre based in Italy - Marche region. Harvest Group has a team of international experts specialized in oenology, viticulture, agronomy, microbiology, genetic molecular analysis, legal advice, marketing, quality control and environmental policy.
Harvest Group is a multifunctional and polyhedric structure, for these reasons is able to satisfy all the requests of the costumers, realizing every business opportunities thanks to the integrate managing of the projects.

Application of a system for the reduction and recovery of gaseous sub-products generated in the cellars, through the use of algal organisms

Description of the Offered or Requested technology, innovative product or know-how/Expertise or partner sought...:
Harvest group company has developed a technology that allows to recover the gases produced during the fermentation of the must inside the cellar. The gas produced during fermentation of the must is captured and channeled into a cleaning system. The purified CO2 is then stored and transported to a modular bioreactor, which contains the microalgaes. The algal biomass that is produced in the bioreactor can be recovered and used in various sectors such as fertilizing, the production of animal feed, the cosmetics industry, food nutraceuticals. The recovery of carbon dioxide eliminates all problems related to the presence of the gas which causes delays to the wine production processes, and creates considerable problems to the staff working in the cellar.

Profile of target partner:
Harvest group is looking for a company that operates in the field of technologies for wineries. Specifically, the company should take care of exhaust systems. The Harvest technology can be integrated with this technology.

  • Recycling, Recovery

Type of co-operation interested in:
  • [offer] Licence agreement
  • [offer] Technical cooperation
  • [offer] Joint Venture Agreement
  • [offer] Manufacturing/ subcontracting agreement


Mr Dr. Claudio Pierantozzi

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