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Université de Lyon - Lyon Science Transfert

37 rue du repos
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Company Profile:
Lyon Science Transfert, the French Technology Transfer Office of Université de Lyon, supports researchers from Lyon and Saint Etienne’s public laboratories by transferring their research results and inventions to the marketplace for commercial development.
Missions of Lyon Science Transfert are:
• Raising awareness of technology transfer among researchers
• Detection of inventions in partner laboratories
• Maturation of inventions (proof of concept and prototype)
• Licensing and transfer to players in the socio-economic world
• Industrial property management for some members of Université de Lyon.

Lyon Science Transfert works in synergy with the CNRS, INSERM, INRA and INRIA. It offers numerous innovative products, processes, softwares, services, know-how, etc. in all scientific domains and particularly clean technologies.

A new biodegradable, water-soluble bio-plastic for bio-packaging

Description of the Offered or Requested technology, innovative product or know-how/Expertise or partner sought...:
There is a great need for new packaging materials as fossil fuel plastic is harmful to people and the environment. Moreover, oil supplies are running out. Thus, bio-plastic manufacturing appears as an interesting alternative. The laboratory has set up a new milk protein based bio-plastic which is biodegradable and water-soluble. It is composed of mainly milk proteins added with a plasticizer and a biodegradable polymer. In the form of granules, this new material can be transformed using all conventional plastic industry techniques such as extrusion, injection or thermoforming. In this way, films, bags and various objects can be manufactured for many applications. The manufacturing process is clean and does not use too much energy.

Profile of target partner:
Lyon Science Transfert looks for industrial partners and offers to grant patent license. According to the needs of the partner, the laboratory can prepare appropriate bioplastic formulations.

  • Recycling, Recovery
  • Waste Management

Type of co-operation interested in:
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  • [search] Technical cooperation


Ms Dr Christine Duarte

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