Monday, 26. November, 2012

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"Combining economy with ecology"

Description of the Offered or Requested technology, innovative product or know-how/Expertise or partner sought...:
Every device or equipment which burns any kind of an hydrocarbon can use our fuel saving technology.
Our engineering service offered with those products consists in dimensionning & calculating the real need for any equipment. At the end, we guarantee a 6% fuel consumption saving by contract commitment.
They both can be used for fuel & gas savings as for pollution reducing, everytime you've got a device or equipment which runs with an hydrocarbon.
Our main advantages are a faster mounting, a cheaper solution, an easier way to install and maintain at one time, a quicker investment payback and an overall 10-year guarantee.

Profile of target partner:
Looking for customers:
1. Type : the whole wide manufacturing & process industries which use fuel or gas boilers as steam generators, running with an hydrocarbon.
2. Every industry sector which is involved in reducing its primary energy consumption, as doing something efficient against carbon footprint...

  • Environmental Engineering / Technology

Type of co-operation interested in:
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