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4 rue nully de Harcourt
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Company Profile:
SILIMELT is located in the South West of France, near Bordeaux.

SILIMELT offers a unique opportunity to participate in the growing PV market through the first industrial application of the plasma technology in the field of high quality material production without any greenhouse gas emission.

SILIMELT’s breakthrough technology achieves far less energy consumption, lower running and investment costs with a zero CO2 impact. SILIMELT aims to become the leading provider of plasma reduction technologies on the huge “extractive metallurgy” market (Si, Fe, Al,…).

SILIMELT possesses an experienced management team with solid technical, operational and financial skills, industry track record and world-wide network.

SILIMELT is looking for industrials and technicals partners in order to set up pilot plants on dedicated products (polysilicon, nano powders,....)

Application of the plasma technology to produce high added value materials (nanopowders, polysilicon,....)

Description of the Offered or Requested technology, innovative product or know-how/Expertise or partner sought...:
1. What is your area of expertise or know how?
The management team has a great experience in the development of industrial processes that are based on very high temperature chemistry, through the use of the non transferred plasma technology (wastes and energy markets).

2. What type of product or service is being offered?
We are looking for licencee and are able to design and produce core processes equipments such as plasma heating system or injection systems.

3. What can it be used for?
Production of high quality materials such as pure silicon or silicate, nanopowders,... The production of polysilicon is done through the recycling of residues coming from wafering.

4. What are the main advantages of your solutions over other solutions? (Faster, cheaper, easier to install and/or maintain, etc.)
Carbon free production of high quality materials.

Profile of target partner:
If you are looking for a particular product or service:
1. What are you looking for?
Industrial and/or financial partners.

2. What will the product or service be used for?
Residues from wafering in the PV cycle, others depending of the input materials.

If you are looking for customers:
1. What type of customer (industry, distributor, research, etc.)?
2. Which industry sector?

  • Solar/Thermal energy
  • Photovoltaics
  • Incineration and Pyrolysis
  • Recycling, Recovery

Type of co-operation interested in:
  • [offer] Licence agreement
  • [offer] Technical cooperation
  • [search] Joint Venture Agreement
  • [offer] Joint research project (FP7)
  • [offer] Manufacturing/ subcontracting agreement
  • [offer] Commercial agreement
  • [search] Research cooperation for funded EU Program
  • [search] Commercial cooperation



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