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CO_FR_245 rapeseedoil for technical applications(ecolubricants release agent cogeneration biodiesel antidust cosmetics
France / NORHUIL

NORHUIL located in Normandy in france we produce rapeseed oil for technical applications (realeased agent for concrete applicat...
TO_CH_98 Real-time modelling of natural and urban water network for environmental assessment
Switzerland / is active in the domain of water management, optimization of renewable energy production and environmental tracking of u...
VALOREMA - Recovery of Precious Metals & special alloys
CO_FR_141 Recovery of PRECIOUS METALS and SPECIAL METALS (waste treatment)
France / VALOREMA - Recovery of Precious Metals & special alloys


Recovery of PRECIOUS METALS and SPECIAL METALS contained in industrial wastes.

* LOCATION: 74290 - Alex (...
MB AUTOMOTIVE di E.Montalbano
TO_IT_66 Recycling Italian technology for copper and metal scraps, WEEE plants and ELV treatments.
Italy / MB AUTOMOTIVE di E.Montalbano

MB Automotive has been in the vanguard of technology for recycling solutions, since 2004 when concluded the first ELV plant, and s...
CO_CH_265 Recycling reduce reuse
Switzerland / gr3n

gr3n is a swiss company specialized in plastic recycling.Bottles/food containers currently don’t have any possibility to be infi...

AQUATIRIS is a producer of "Gardens" for the phytopurification of water.

AQUATIRIS is a network of consultants and installers ...
Region Leipzig
KH_DE_182 Region Leipzig - Office for Economic Development
Germany / Region Leipzig

Services, project engineering, studies and consultancy, Research consultancies, consulting engineers for energy techniques, diagno...
Université de Lyon - Lyon Science Transfert
TO_FR_161 Remote Wake Up: how to remotely switch-on electronic devices in zero energy standby mode
France / Université de Lyon - Lyon Science Transfert

Lyon Science Transfert, the French Technology Transfer Office of Université de Lyon, supports researchers from Lyon and Saint Eti...
Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment BV
CO_NL_103 Research equipment for soil, water, slurry and sludge, earth monitoring
Netherlands / Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment BV

Eijkelkamp produces and sells a wide range of equipment for researching soil, water, sludge and slurry as well as earth monitoring...
TO_FR_241 Revolutionary apparatus of rainwater and wastewater sampler to simplify regulatory controls (reliable, autonomous, communicant and secure)
France / IN PLUVIA

IN PLUVIA is a French innovative company based in Brittany and specialised in designing, manufacturing and selling rainwater and w...
Belgium / SANIFOX

Specialized in hydrogeology, soil and groundwater remediation and environment management, Sanifox offers a 10 years experience in ...
HAUS Europe B.V.
CO_NL_264 Seller of dewatering equipment of WWTP sludge looking for OEM's
Netherlands / HAUS Europe B.V.

HAUS Europe Centrifuge Technologies is situated in the city of Ridderkerk (The Netherlands) and responsible for the sales activiti...
CSP - Innovazione nelle ICT
RR_IT_200 SensorBox - the pollution detecting backpack
Italy / CSP - Innovazione nelle ICT

CSP is the regional research body in the field of information and communications technology, located in Torino, Piemonte (Italy). ...
GAH Global ltd.
TO_CY_276 Sequential Batch Gasification – Waste to Energy
Cyprus / GAH Global ltd.

GAH Global ltd,is currently committed to the highest efficiency Industrial Waste Water Treatment systems, such as Slaughterhouses...
Université de Lyon - Lyon Science Transfert
TO_FR_165 SHAPE: an optical method to characterize nano-structures
France / Université de Lyon - Lyon Science Transfert

Lyon Science Transfert, the French Technology Transfer Office of Université de Lyon, supports researchers from Lyon and Saint Eti...
CO_FR_262 Signage and furniture for environmental awareness
France / PICBOIS

PIC BOIS conceive, manufacture and installation of tourist signage panels, original, durable and made from environmentally friendl...
SATT Conectus Alsace
CO_FR_104 simplify access to innovation derived from public research, and technology transfer
France / SATT Conectus Alsace

Conectus Alsace brings together all the research and innovation organisms in Alsace.

Our objectives:

● Reinforcing partner...
CO_IT_101 Sistema Ambiente - computer system for workplace safety management.
Italy / DIGITALIS S.r.l.

Digitalis is a private society, created in 1987, and located in Turin.
Its activity is mainly focused on electronic book indust...
TO_FR_17 Small scale gasification technology - Hybrid biomass burner
France / COGEBIO

COGEBIO is a company that designs, manufactures and installs small-scale cogeneration units having high efficiency and using bioma...
thetis environnement
CO_FR_79 smart chlorine dioxide generators. Offering distribution or licensing agreements worldwide
France / thetis environnement

Located near Lyon area in France, Thetis environnement was created in the year 2 000 a manufacturer of innovative products for gre...
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